The Peak Experience in Yoga and Religion

Let me explain why I use spiritual expressions that border on the religious and why I say that the essence of all religions is the same as that of yoga. Within each being there is an eternal, sacred core; once this core has been seen, the individual can place itself in the service of humanity and all of creation. Mysticism is dedicated to the search for this core and its cultivation; upon finding it the mystic places themself in the service of all beings […]

The Yoga Sutra’s Role in the Yogic Tradition

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, although often the first text yogis look at, by itself constitutes only a small part of the yogic teachings. It must be studied in context with the Upanishads, the Gita, the Yoga Yajnavalkya, the Puranas, the Tantras, and the medieval siddha texts. The aggregate of these texts, and not the Yoga Sutra by itself, constitute authentic yogic teaching. […]

How important really is yoga history for the yogi?

Western university scholars often look at the Yoga Sutra isolated from the rest of the yoga tradition. They fragment the yoga of Patanjali from all other forms of yoga and show the history of yoga as one of conflicting schools. This may be of interest for the historian but distracting for the practitioner. For the practitioner and yogi there is only one tradition of yoga and the Sutra must be seen in context and together with all other yogic scriptures. The yoga described in the Sutra could never succeed only by itself […]

Why Use Glute Max in Back Bends, Part 2

The main concern sighted by the general yoga community for not using glute max in back bends is that excessive external rotation of the thighs can jam the sacrum between the two halves of the pelvis. An inability of the sacrum to float freely between the pelvic halves at the sacroiliac joints is a common source of sacral, hip and low back pain. However, it is not only activation of glute max that is the cause of this adverse effect […]

The Executions in Indonesia

This article deals with the recent execution in Indonesia by firing squad of two convicted Australian heroin ring leaders. The event is widely covered in the Australian media and Australia in protest has recalled its ambassador: I find a lot of the public discussion regarding the executions is missing out on some important information.