Muscles, Emotions & the Heart of Them

Everything we ever experience affects every cell in our body. And we feel that. We’ve all noticed the increase in the rate of our breath when we’re excited or scared, how smooth and calm we breathe when we are relaxed. Sometimes these feelings well up and move freely through us, we process them and feel cleared of their effects. At other times we hold some of the tension in our bodies and the residue of their effects remain. Our muscles, being contractile in nature, are the perfect storage place for tension. Specific muscles tend to accumulate the effects of specific feelings, emotions and attitudes. We have all recognised these patterns in ourselves as well as the people around us. Our body, our posture tell their own unique story. […]

Are We Turning Earth Into Our Own Graveyard?

A new article has just been posted on the BBC website called “Earth ‘entering new extinction phase’ – US study”. The article describes a study tabled by Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley universities, ringing alarm bells that vertebrate species are becoming extinct at a rate 114 times faster than normal. The last mass extinction event took place 65 years ago and the current 6th mass extinction, so the scientist, will likely claim humanity as a victim even during the early phases of this extinction.

The Greatness of Padmasana

At one point during pranayama in Padmasana, when adding external kumbhakas and Kundalini techniques I became so ecstatic that I literally lost any sense of time passing. I would come out of these sessions with my legs having gone completely numb. […]