What’s Causing That Knee Pain?

Recently, I was instructing my students on looking after their knees in hip-opening asana. I said, “Do you know anyone who is pretty inflexible in how they like to do things, is very sensitive, tends to hold a grudge if you do something they don’t like and if you hurt them they may even never forgive you for the rest of their life?! Your knees are like that!” […]

The Samadhi Interview

The Ashtanga Picture Project interviewed me on latest book and its subject samadhi. Here it is:

Q: What is Samadhi?

A: There is actually a whole chapter in the book clarifying this and defining samadhi.

Why right leg first into lotus posture?

In my 2006 text Ashtanga Yoga Practice and Philosophy I wrote: “Why is Padmasana traditionally done only by first placing the right leg and then bringing the left leg on top? When asked this question, K. Pattabhi Jois quoted the Yoga Shastra as saying […]