Is forgiveness the start of self-love?

In my last post I pointed out the importance of self-love for ones yoga practice. I was asked whether forgiveness is the start of self-love?

It is indeed. When talking about forgiveness, however, we need to understand that it has two aspects, to forgive oneself and to forgive others. Ultimately they will both merge into one but when we begin the practice of forgiveness we notice that we specialize either in holding grudges against ourselves or against others. Some individuals may find that they need to first forgive themselves to be able to forgive others or vice versa. […]

Why I continue to practice Ashtanga

Recently I read an article in which the author wrote about her difficulties in maintaining her Ashtanga practice. She called her practice “hard, really hard, exhausting” and complained that it “never gets any easier” and that she just kept upping her expectations or that at least her teachers did so. My experience has been completely contrary to that and I want to share it because it might help some people. […]