Heal Yourself – Low Back Pain & Spinal Stabilisation


Here is a new video with Monica that is part of her series “Healing Yourself”. A related article fully explaining its role in healing low back pain will be posted soon.

About Dr. Monica Gauci

Monica has studied and practiced Yoga for 39 years. She is dedicated Yogi, a compulsive Educator, a registered Yoga Therapist and a rehabilitative Doctor of Chiropractic.


  1. Dear Monica

    Thank you very much for your posts about lower back pain.

    Your bio indicates you are practising as a Chiropractor in Perth. Are you taking on any patients? I practised at 8LImbs for a couple of years and you helped me resolve a neck issue a few years ago. I have recently have developed a lower back pain issue as a result of sitting for prolonged periods of time in a new job role that requires more sitting.

    Am I able to book an appointment to see you?

    Kind regards
    Anna Jeffery

    • Hi Anna

      I live in Northern NSW so only practice in Perth when I am visiting which won’t be until later in September. I would be very happy to see you when I am there, otherwise I can refer you to a chiropractor in Perth.



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