How do you know that you live your own destiny?

In this video Gregor speaks about svadharma, becoming a vehicle for a greater intelligence and how to prepare for teaching.

About Gregor Maehle

Gregor Maehle began his practice of Raja Yoga in 1978 and added Hatha Yoga a few years later. For almost two decades he yearly travelled to India where he studied with various yogic and tantric masters. Since then he has branched out into research of the anatomical alignment of postures and the higher limbs of Yoga. He obtained his anatomical knowledge through a Health Practitioner degree and has also studied History, Philosophy and Comparative Religion. Gregor lived many years as a recluse, studying Sanskrit, yogic scripture and practising yogic techniques. He has published a series of textbooks on all major aspects of yoga. His mission is to re-integrate ashtanga vinyasa practice into the larger framework of Patanjali’s eight-limbed yoga in the spirit of T. Krishnamacharya. He offers trainings, retreats and workshops worldwide.
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  1. Hi Gregor,
    Oh that was so timely seeing that Dec 8th video clip………..I have been having that exact conversation with myself the last few days whilst journeying up and back from melbourne. And you just answered one of my questions so thankyou!! Very inspiring to hear your voice again & I notice its not the first video clip……..yes I am oh so behind in what I really want to be spending my time on!! Anyway thanks & happy Festive season to you & Moni xx Carolyn.

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