Sharath: Latest Response – an analysis

Latest response from Sharath on his Instagram account where he did face anger and criticism relating to his ‘apology’ for his grandfather’s abuse with my observations below. I think his response may have been deleted since then but this is a direct copy from his account with no edits:


Samadhi – The Great Freedom

In his fifth book, Gregor Maehle shows how all yogic techniques and methods collaborate to bring about its pinnacle — the state of samadhi.

Once in a lifetime an opportunity comes along where you can learn from the very best teachers in their profession. Monica and Gregor are those teachers, and over the course of a year I found myself delving more deeply into my yoga studies under their expertise, passion and compassionate guidance. After completing the teacher training I have developed a deeper understanding of yoga and myself, and am inspired to continue my learning as this is the legacy that they as teachers leave with you; they give you the tool and foundations for learning whilst encouraging and inspiring you to be your best self. There is so much knowledge between Monica and Gregor it really was an honour to have some of this imparted on me.

Neska Maczka

Perth Teacher Training, 2016

A wonderful resource for not just yogis, but for human beings seeking to live life with more peace.

Erin Colleen Geraghty

Facebook review of Gregor, March 2019

So thankful for coming across Gregor's books and also studying with him. Such a rare teacher of a diverse disciplines of yoga. Inspirational, insightful, methodological, challenging, kind, approachable, humble and coherent. So looking forward to studying more! With gratitude & namaste, Irina and Iriness Yoga & Wellbeing Horsham students 🙏❤️

Irina Pashkevich

Facebook review of Gregor, Nov 2018


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‘An Act of Giving’ Teaching Methodology with Monica Gauci

Learn sophisticated verbal instructions combined with the essential principles of communication to help your students reach their desired goals. We teach you how to effectively structure, conduct and deliver various levels of asana classes safely to a broad range of student abilities.

Pranayama, Yoga Sutra and Asana Module with Gregor in Greece

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