Rave Reviews

Once in a lifetime an opportunity comes along where you can learn from the very best teachers in their profession. Monica and Gregor are those teachers, and over the course of a year I found myself delving more deeply into my yoga studies under their expertise, passion and compassionate guidance. After completing the teacher training I have developed a deeper understanding of yoga and myself, and am inspired to continue my learning as this is the legacy that they as teachers leave with you; they give you the tool and foundations for learning whilst encouraging and inspiring you to be your best self.  There is so much knowledge between Monica and Gregor it really was an honour to have some of this imparted on me.

Neska, Perth Australia

When embarking on this journey in teacher training, I did not foresee how much I would grow, love and learn. Your empathy, compassion and dedication to yoga and your students is inspiring and uplifting. I feel blessed to have had teachers with such vast  knowledge and experience. Thanks to your nurturing instruction, my heart is full. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have learned from you over the last year.
 Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.

Margaret, Perth Australia

My sincere heartfelt gratitude to both of you, dear Moni and Gregor for sharing your wisdom selflessly, radiantly, and often comically! I will always be grateful to you both. And I will return for Level 2… I know now I will always be a student as well as a teacher of yoga. I savour the unfolding of my journey every single day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Melanie, Mandurah Australia

The time I spent with Gregor & Monica during the Teacher Training was one of the most memorable time during my life so far. They are the most inspiring teachers and more importantly, I appreciate and value their depth of knowledge which comes purely from their own experience of not only teaching Yoga but also living Yoga. During their classes there is heaps and heaps to take in and one wonders whether to sit and listen or to make notes. However Gregor & Monica have helped us to solve this dilemma by putting everything in the 5 books they have published. One can always go back to their books on Primary series, Intermediate series or Pranayama, Meditation, Samadhi and find them there. Although extremely busy, they always respond within 24 hours to any query emailed to them unless they are in the Immersion programs. I have always found them very supportive, loving and caring and it’s a great priviledge to have completed my Teacher Training with them. Last but not the least, I could clearly see that, Gregor through his teacher training and workshops all over the world, is treading on his path of ‘restoring Yoga to the glory it once was’.

Asmita, Melbourne Australia

I found Gregor and Monica’s TTC to be very informative and precise. Together they provide a perfect balance in each area of their expertise, Gregor with his incredible depth of knowledge in Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation, and Monica with her detailed and easy to digest explanations on Anatomy and Teaching methodology. The fact they are authors of their own books helps out a great deal when referring back over notes whilst studying. I walked away from these weekend modules in a state where I just wanted to drop everything and immerse myself further in the studies of yoga. I have gained so much from the 200-hr course and their studio 8Limbs. I am excited to be furthering my practice and studies with them.

Jordan, Perth Australia

It is said a student learns the most, not from the techniques a teacher imparts but instead from their grace. We have all felt this grace in you both, these past weeks here in Tejakula [Bali] we have all been profoundly moved and changed by your teachings and today we offer something back, our deep love, appreciation and gratitude for this opportunity to be taught by you and to spend time here with you on this beautiful mountain being cared for by these gentle Balinese people.

Di, Melbourne Australia (Bali Immersion 2)

The Bali experience has changed me forever. I have settled into a lifestyle of peace and contentment with what is. Letting go of the fight to keep things the same has ceased. Sharing what I have embodied has deepened my practice and stepping into more responsibility at work and supporting my Mother as she transitions. I’m grateful for all your knowledge, love and guidance. Thank you- in love, light and peace.

Diandra, USA (Bali Immersion 2)

Thank you again very much for your and Gregor’s absolutely great teacher training. It was a totally enriching experience for yoga as well as for every day life. I left Ubud feeling loaded with positive energy and love! Merci veu veu mau!!!

Joelle, Switzerland (Bali Immersion)

Gregor and Monica are they most genuine and inspiring teachers i have had the pleasure of meeting. I think they set an exceptionally high standard for yoga education, living what they teach and giving from the heart. I highly recommend their trainings.

Kelly, Germany (Bali Immersion)

Thank you soooo much for a wonderful year filled with so much knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed every section, every module and every example that you both presented. I knew I wanted to learn more about yoga and everything you have taught us this year has truly blown me away and given me so much inspiration and tools to continue my yoga journey. I can’t express how thankful I am!!! I am very much looking forward to our Bali Level 2 Immersion 🙂

Cristina, Perth Australia

I have taken so much from this course and it has truly inspired me to become a yoga teacher and I hope to take on the level 2 intensive when it becomes available. I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering becoming a yoga teacher or even just to deepen their own practice. Thankyou once again Monica and Gregor for passing on your inspiration and love, I am deeply grateful. Namaste.

Caitlin, Gunnedah Australia (Bali Immersion)

I just wanted to thank you both for being such incredible teachers. I am so grateful for this time. You taught in such a genuine and giving way and because of this I am leaving with the confidence that I am on the right path. You have given me the tools and knowledge to make the changes I want to make. I now have the direction and the grounding to continue learning for the rest of my life.So thank you for being so generous. I hope that I can continue to learn from you both. Lots of love.

Georgie, Victoria Australia (Bali Immersion) 

Many thanks for the course and the teachings. It completely changed my practice and how I see yoga. At least now I have an understanding of pranayama and meditation and have a clear path to follow. Gonna take me a while to process and unpack what we have learnt but this has been a life changing experience. Just what I needed 🙂 Your course and your teachings are true gold and I feel very privileged to have been able to study with you. Thank you again for the depth of these teachings. 

Patrick, Melbourne Australia

Thank you for the incredible year that was. This course is so complete, and you both teach so passionately but with grounding and thoroughness. I have enjoyed every single minute and also got a lot out of doing the Workbook.

Michelle, Perth Australia

This course completely met my expectation of deepening my yoga practice and understanding how to develop my meditation, pranayama and philosophy studies. Both teachers were 100% committed to sharing with us their wealth of information. They gave us study material that will last us years, if not a lifetime of further learning and development.

Deanne, Adelaide Australia (Bali Immersion)

An ENORMOUS thank you for the wonderful teacher training course in Bali – what a month to remember!!! I absolutely LOVED IT!! Really hope that in 2016 I can find time to come and do my level 2 with you, would absolutely love to do it all again in more detail! Many thanks to you and Gregor for organising and teaching such a thorough and enjoyable teacher training!

Sophie, Geurnsey UK (Bali Immersion)